Alliance is an "Outlet Store" for thread rolling dies!

A supplier’s selection of dies is critical to handling the vast number of sizes/applications in threading. Alliance is constantly adding to our inventory of over 1400 sets of both flat and cylindrical dies and we sell these dies at wholesale discounts 50-75% off new or used dies. We will even cut our prices more if you buy in volume!

Alliance Thread Rolling Cylindrical Die Inventory

Our Inventory has a good selection of dies for both cold and warm rolling. Alliance is always searching the country for opportunities to buy equipment and dies for our internal use,as well as, brokering excess dies to other thread rolling companies. Please click on our files to see our current inventory listing.

Surplus Thread Rolling Parts:

We have a selection of both Reed A-22 and Reed A-34! We sell them- We buy them!
Call us with your need or opportunity. We are a great source to network and find solutions.

Be a part of our Alliance!

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